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Start building your custom home now970-389-7246

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At Campbell Construction & Engineering, our relationship with our loyal subcontractors is evident in the level of quality each home we construct. Campbell Construction has several carpenters, welders, and supervisors with excellent craftsmanship on the payroll; we also have over 50 independent contractors dedicated to Campbell Construction. Campbell Construction masterfully handcrafts all woodwork, timber and trim features of each home.

Campbell Construction sources materials and services locally as much as possible to support Summit County, Colorado.


Marsha Budz

The only thing we were sorry about when our project was finished (deck enlargement and bedroom addition, plus patio and walkways) was that Pete and his crew would be moving on. Their follow-up is great and they are wonderful to work with. We have called upon Pete for help with smaller projects since finishing our big project and can't imagine working with anyone else. Pete is always helpful, personable and professional. We highly recommend Pete and his company. 

Lisa Sams

We chose to work with Pete and his team because we were so impressed with the quality of the work we saw in one of his homes. He helped us select a perfect lot, recommended a very talented architect and then proceeded to build a home that we love. His team is professional, committed to their craft, and very easy to work with. They took extra steps to create special touches that added to the finish work in particular. 

Pete kept the project on a timeline...despite some very heavy snow and bad weather...and was completely transparent with the budgeting process. He was willing to adjust features as we progressed through project and was responsive to our calls and emails.

My husband and I would highly recommend Pete and Campbell Construction to anyone considering a new home or a remodel.

Dave Dupuis

I purchased 1/2 of a duplex that Pete built in Frisco, CO. I bought the property in the framing stage so I was able to witness most of the construction on both the interior and exterior. 

I was extremely impressed with both Pete's crew and all of his subcontractors. I receive compliments about the quality of the work and the attention to detail. 

Pete was a pleasure to work with and I have and will continue to recommend him highly. If you are looking to build in Summit County make sure you contact Pete. You will not be disappointed!  

Steve Eddy

Pete's Company builds quality and value at the same time. You can rely on his many years of living and building in the Summit area.
p.s. He's not a bad guy either.